At CRIS, our mission is to beat cancer and achieve a total cure through the funding of much-needed cancer research.

We have always had the conviction that the only way to beat cancer is through funding scientific research – ‘Investing in research is investing in life’.

This truth is now echoed by others in the current global crisis. The people who will help us overcome this challenge are the amazing doctors and researchers who are working hard to find a cure. The changed environment has meant that we are all dealing with significant and unprecedented changes to our activities.

The COVID19 epidemic is posing an unprecedented health and social crisis. Yet, we know, that funding for medical research is vital to fight disease.  

Research has given us all the treatments in current medicine and will provide us with all those that are yet to come, both in the case of cancer and also COVID-19. Whether these therapies come sooner or later depends only on what we support.

CRIS is supporting projects that are working to fight the coronavirus through its multidisciplinary Units in hospitals.


Study of the Immune System during infection with Coronavirus in immunocompromised and cancer patients

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COVID19-H12O, sequencing the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus genome in infected blood cancer patients

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COVID19 project – HOSPITAL LA PAZ. Cell therapy with memory T cells in patients with severe COVID19

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You can learn more about our efforts and updates about this epidemic here. We at CRIS continue to stay committed to supporting projects that can improve treatments and cure cancer. We must continue the work that we have been doing.

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