Who we are

About us

The CRIS Cancer Foundation is an international non-profit organisation created with one objective: to invest in cutting-edge research that provides improved treatments for people with cancer.   

CRIS stands for ”Cancer Research Innovation in Science”. For 10 years, we’ve been investing in pioneering research into cancer.  

With offices in UK, Spain and France, CRIS has significant partnerships across Europe and North America. Our aim is to provide scientists with resources to enable and accelerate innovative ideas in the race to treat and defeat cancer. 

CRIS Cancer Foundation is an international community. We support the brightest research minds, who are working tirelessly on new treatments to help us survive and live longer.   

 Our mission 

To invest in cutting-edge research that provides treatments for people with cancer.   

 Our vision  

A world where pioneering research gives every adult and child with cancer the best chance of survival.   

Our values  

  • We are passionate and ambitious about making our vision a reality.​  
  • We make long-term commitments to scientists so they can carry out innovative research into cancer treatments.   
  • We promote excellence in cancer research as we know this will lead to pioneering new treatments for people with cancer. 
  • We collaborate with international institutions, research scientists, clinicians, people with a cancer diagnosis, volunteers and donors.  
  • We inspire everybody to take action. We all have a role to play regardless of our background, experience or situation.