What is CRIS?

About us

CRIS Cancer Foundation  is an independent non-profit organisation, fully dedicated to facilitating and developing research to beat cancer.  

CRIS was created  for those  who believe  in science and  the future.  


By funding research  through significant partnerships with The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR), London  and other research  centres across Europe, CRIS is having a positive impact on medical discoveries and making a real difference to peoples´ lives.  


CRIS’s objectives are:  

  • investing in cutting edge cancer research projects  
  • funding research for rare and underfunded forms of cancer 
  • sharing research findings  
  • funding translational projects to get new and effective treatments  
  • giving hope to individuals and families affected by cancer 


CRIS Cancer is currently funding 12 research projects across Europe as part of our objective to fund rare and underfunded forms of cancer.


We know progress isn’t happening fast enough. We need to do more, if we’re aiming to find a cure. And we need to do it now. That’s why we’re investing in cutting-edge research: research that is more forward thinking.  

Together, we can ensure that every child and adult with cancer has access to the best possible treatment. Take this opportunity to be part of a community that brings transformation. 


Together we are strong. Together we will beat cancer. 


CRIS Cancer Foundation’s President and Founder, Lola Manterola, is a Multiple Myeloma survivor. Her life was saved by a clinical trial. Whilst being treated, Lola met many people without hope, who had exhausted conventional treatments to no avail, who weren’t lucky enough to be helped by new and innovative medical solutions. Since founding Cris Cancer Foundation, Lola has dedicated her time continuing to raising funds and investing in research projects to cater for different types of cancer and increase the scope to make such options available to more people.  


With CRIS, investing in research is investing in life.