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Invest in Research. Invest in Life

We’re an international charity that funds research into pioneering new cancer treatments to give people the best chance of survival.  

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world. ​Yet, many lives could be saved if scientists had the resources, they need to carry out research into novel treatments. We give scientists in the UK, Spain and France the support and funds to accelerate the discovery of cancer treatments for adults and children.  

By stepping in where there are gaps in funding and collaborating worldwide, we’re supporting research scientists to speed up innovative therapies – bringing hope to thousands of cancer patients.   

Over the last 10 years, we’ve given over £18 million to research bodies such as the Institute of Cancer Research, so they can carry out vital research into cancer treatments. We’ve pledged to invest another £48 million over the next five years to save more lives.  

Our multi-disciplinary cancer facilities in public hospitals in and other centres around the world are giving more patients the chance to access new treatments. Teams of doctors, researchers, nurses and immunologists work together in CRIS units treat cancers such as brain tumours in children, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer.  

Our grants and fellowships give scientists the funding and support they need to carry out scientific research into cancer treatments.  

We’re determined that one day every type of cancer will have a treatment. By funding and supporting cancer research, we will save lives.  

“Cancer patients don’t have time to wait. Together we all have a part to play in supporting innovative cancer research. We need everyone to act now because peoples’ lives depend on it. “ 

Lola Manterola  

President and co-founder, CRIS Cancer Foundation   

Beating cancer is what inspires and motivates us.