CRIS & COVID-19. Message from our President Lola Manterola



Dear CRIS supporters! 


To those who don’t know me, I am Lola Manterola, President of CRIS Cancer Foundation and I have cancer.

I have been in isolation with my family for the last two weeks.


Yet, even isolated, we feel closer than ever with our friends, extended family, our community. We all care about each other. I have exchanged messages with people that I have not spoken to for months. We all especially feel very grateful and close to our heroes: the doctors, researchers, nurses and all the health workers that are there on the front line of this war against coronavirus.

At CRIS Cancer we know very well the great efforts that doctors and researchers make every day to fight against serious and chronic diseases like cancer. We were born, as a Foundation, to support their efforts. What is happening now in the scientific community is not an exception – their work never stops. Each life is absolutely important and each minute counts. That is why, we cannot stop research to fight disease.

All of our cancer research units are currently working at full speed, protecting and treating cancer patients that don’t have much time. Our doctors/researchers treating children and adults with cancer in the UK, France and Spain are doing double shifts as some of their colleagues are affected by this virus. But urgent treatment for cancer has not stopped because of that. 

In this very serious time, it is more important than ever that we keep supporting our doctors and scientists. Our support to research is vital and essential to keep saving lives.  

We might be physically isolated but there are so many ways by which we can stay connected. From CRIS Cancer we will update you regularly about the work of our researchers and about cancer patients. Please follow us on social media. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for being part of CRIS. Together, united, we will make research win.