Adult cancer


Lola Manterola.
CRIS Founder

“I don’t want cancer to be a death sentence. I want people who get diagnosed with cancer to know and feel reassured that no matter how bad the prognosis there is still help and a cure available. Because we all need our mothers, fathers, our children, our friends, husbands and wives to complete us. CRIS is my way of trying to help families stay and grow old together”.


Nuria Martí

“I’ve experienced amazing self-discovery in my work with CRIS. Apart from donors, I’ve learnt that volunteers are at the core of what CRIS does. Without them, we just wouldn’t be able to offer the support that we do. Whether we are raising awareness, fundraising, interacting in social media, supporting research for people affected by cancer or leading other volunteers, we believe that by working together we can make a difference and beat cancer through research. I am developing my passion whilst helping others, in a great organisation which appeals to me very much. I never thought volunteering could be such a rewarding job”.

Thank you, Lola, for giving me this opportunity.”


Alvaro Portanet

“When I first met CRIS UK, I was impressed with the achievements of this committed, selfless and diversified group of extraordinary professionals.

Once you get infected by the team’s enthusiasm you will never be indifferent, ever again. CRIS works hard to bring hope via research. CRIS works hard to prove that, with a little bit of help from each of us, we can achieve huge results for all. To me, CRIS is full of life and generosity, and I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to be part of it.”


Marta Brime.

“When my dear friend Lola, our President, was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, I felt devastated. I thought that it was terrible and unfair. She fought bravely against the illness and embarked on an experimental treatment that worked extremely well on her. After that, she created CRIS foundation to raise funds for all those projects that she knew can save lives, as one saved hers. I discovered that we can do something to change people’s lives. We can provide hope to many people raising funds for research. Lola gave me the opportunity to help CRIS, and I can´t be more proud. I can do something that can make a difference. I am grateful for this opportunity. Hopefully, together we can continue helping the scientists to find a cure for cancer.”


CRIS Ambassador, artist & designer

“Volunteering for CRIS is a hugely rewarding and humbling experience. We can never do enough. But everything we do is done with such great dedication and motivation: we know that it achieves results, and helps suffering people and families to ease the pain and have hope. All fundraising efforts go straight back to research, so every progress makes the light at the end of the tunnel a bit brighter. That’s where the healing begins, and we will not stop!”


Marta Redondo-Berdugo
Fundrasing and Event Manager

“One of the trustees introduced me to CRIS five years ago. From the very beginning, I felt in love with CRIS. I knew I wanted to be part of this team. I worked as a volunteer for three years until CRIS offered me a position. Working for CRIS is a great experience, full of adventures and an amazing atmosphere. I really believe in CRIS and its work. I am proud to be a member.”



“I always thought that a lot was being done for cancer research. But once I got involved with CRIS I realised that there is so much more that needs to be done. Most people who work at CRIS are here because they genuinely believe in making a difference. The work the charity is doing is incredible, but the selfless work that Lola, the volunteers and the trustees do is not just awe-inspiring, but also highly motivating. They compel me to be a better person. Being part of CRIS is the best decision I could have made”.


Snigdha Singh

“I always thought cancer was something that happened to other people, something I would only ever read about. But when it crept into my friends and family, I was overcome by a deep sense of regret at how little I could do to help in their fight, how little I knew about the breakthroughs being made every day in the world of cancer treatments. We live in wonderful times, where so much is happening so quickly, and exploratory research has truly changed people’s lives: I wanted to be involved, to give back in some way, to be part of something bigger and better than me and mine. This is when I signed up with Diego and Lola’s wonderful foundation, which focuses on translational research and exploratory treatments, giving hope to those who have exhausted so- called traditional avenues . The world of cancer research has changed so much even in the short span of time that I have been involved, it gives me a lot of hope that there really is light at the end of the tunnel. It doesn’t matter who finds the cure: as long as somebody does, and as long as you do your bit to help…”