Where we Work

Adult cancer

Why we work worldwide 

We support scientists around the world to pioneer new cancer treatments. By working together, we can accelerate scientific advances in cancer research. Sharing expertise and knowledge globally will help people to live longer.  We have offices in the UK, Spain and France and have developed partnerships with research institutions across Europe and further afield. 

Where we work 

We work with state-of-the-art research centres and the most reputable scientists to find new treatments for cancer. Explore our map to find out where we’re supporting projects. 

What makes CRIS different?  

  • CRIS is international. As a small and dynamic charity, we are not restricted by geography when selecting projects to fund. We identify and support excellence globally. 
  • Agile and flexible. We can respond quickly wherever the need for support or collaboration arises. 
  • Funding charitable activities. With small overheads, most of the money we raise goes directly towards funding cancer research. 
  • Funding research at every level. To accelerate research, we fund all types of research projects – no matter the experience of the researcher or the size of the project. This helps to make sure that every viable option to treat cancer is explored. 
  • Funding projects with fewer resources. We fund projects that have more difficulty getting funding, such as brain tumours in children. 
CRIS Worldwide