You’ll never walk alone


This Champions League final is setting out to be the most charitable in recent years. Fans of both teams have joined the  CRIS Cancer Foundation to support cancer research, the only path available to the 40% of cancer cases that are currently incurable


The supporters’ clubs  North Fans (R. Madrid) and Madrid Reds (Liverpool), plus physicians, CRIS investigators and patients have amicably got together at the gates of Hospital la Paz in Madrid to sing the English team’s anthem “You´ll never walk alone”, separating it from its usual football-related context to make it the new anthem of the patients, relatives and researchers who every day fight against cancer.


Lola Manterola, director of the CRIS Cancer Foundation, explains: “There is no rivalry in the fight against cancer, we are all one, we all get together to support research, to only way to eradicate cancer. This video seeks to raise awareness on the importance of research, and why we need to support it. The central theme of # Fans4Research is a famous song whose message is clear: “You will never walk alone””.


Supporters of both teams expressed their commitment to research: “There are no colours, no rivals in the fight against cancer. We’ll all be winners if we beat cancer.