CRIS Cancer Awareness Month

Adult cancer

Recognizing the importance of both the International Cancer Day on the 4th and International Childhood Cancer Day on the 15th, CRIS has decided to extend our efforts across the entire month, declaring it as “Cancer Awareness Month”.

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Your small contribution will make a BIG difference


Teaming up with local restaurants and businesses, we aim to raise funds to support life-saving cancer research and to raise awareness of the need for all of us to be active in the fight against cancer. Thanks to this join effort, when you visit any of these establishments, a voluntary donation of £1 towards our cancer awareness campaign is included in the bill, offering you the opportunity to contribute to this significant cause.

Your support can make a meaningful impact. Please encourage friends, family, and colleagues to visit our partnering venues, and share our campaign on social media to spread the word.

About CRIS Cancer Foundation

CRIS is an international charity that funds research into pioneering new cancer treatments to increase survival rates and improve quality of life. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world, yet many lives could be saved if scientists had the resources they need to carry our research into these pioneering new treatments. CRIS gives scientists in the UK, Spain and France the support and funds to accelerate the discovery of cancer treatments for adults and children.

Cancer patients don’t have time to wait. Together we all have a part to play in supporting innovate cancer research. We need everyone to act now because people’s lives depend on it. Click here to find out more about CRIS adult Cancer Projects and kids Cancer Projects.