Three CRIS Fellowships to investigate in international centres of excellence


CRIS has awarded three fellowships to cutting-edge projects in international centres of excellence, within the framework of the CRIS SEOR fellowship scheme with a value of 70,000 Euro.

In Spain, only 0.92 Euro per capita is invested in cancer research, ranking close to the bottom of the list of peer countries.

CRIS Cancer Foundation, in conjunction with the Spanish Oncological Radiotherapy Society (Sociedad Española de Oncología Radioterápica, SEOR), has awarded three training fellowships to three Spanish investigators so that they may continue their training at international centres of excellence. CRIS’s main goal in awarding these oncological radiotherapy fellowships is to promote Spanish talent, and to bring the most cutting-edge techniques to Spain.

Dr. Marina Marbán Orejas is one of the fellows who will continue her training at Beatson Cancer Center in Glasgow, after her final year as resident at Dr. Negrín University Hospital in Las Palmas. Marbán mentioned that “The CRIS Fellowship is an excellent opportunity to carry out a research project in the field of Immunotherapy, combined with Radiotherapy”.

Another of the fellows is Dr. Ángela Matías, who will travel to Gustave Roussy University Cancer Campus, in France. She is a specialist in Radiation Oncology at the University Clinical Hospital of Salamanca since last year. She expressed that “this fellowship opens up many possibilities, beginning with the ability to participate in an international Radiation Oncology research project, which I feel is the future of our field”.

The third training fellowship has been awarded to Dr. María Esperanza Rodríguez, a Radiation Oncology specialist with five years’ experience at the Clinic of the University of Navarra. She assured that “The fellowship and the support of Cris Cancer Foundation and SEOR will allow me to continue my professional development in the field of Immuno-Radiotherapy, with Dr Sandra de María and Dr Silvia Formenti at Weill Cornell University, New York, US”.