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Adrenalin rush, cycling, give up smoking, grow a beard or moustache, keep fit, lose weight, running or marathons, swimming, trekking, triathlon, walking, shave your head, other…. Choose your own challenge and start fundraising.

Royal Parks Half Marathon

Looking for a half marathon to run?  Join CRIS team in the most emblematic run in London The Royal Parks Half Marathon 8th October 2017 (TBC). Register your interest here

New York Marathon

Ready for 42,125km? Then, New York Marathon could be your run. Register your interest here

10k Vitality London 10,000 

The Vitality 10k London run is staged on the world’s greatest road race route through the heart of central London passing by many of the capitals truly world class historic landmarks. Register your interest here

any other challenges, let us know …

 and remember… THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER!



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