Organise an event

Adult cancer
What about some ideas for you…
  • A second hand sale- maybe with friends?
  • Afternoon tea, or a tea party
  • A training course (whatever your expertise is) and donate the fee
  • A bake sale, or ‘bake-off’
  • Bingo!
  • Coffee Mornings
  • Dances – organise a disco, ceilidh, ballroom, salsa or 70’s night. You’d need a venue, band/ DJ
  • Expert talk – use an expert or well-known personality prepared to donate their time. Charge admission, have a break to sell refreshments and auction their latest book, invention or autograph
  • Football match, or any other team sport. Place bets on the side you think will win, get participants to pay a fee to join in
  • Run a craft stall or crafting evening- people buy things you’ve made or maybe you could teach a skill, like knitting!
  • Garden party – or open garden; held in your garden, with stalls, games, refreshments and raffles
  • Golf tournament
  • Fancy dress party at your house or in a local bar. Ask for an entrance fee. Organise a DJ, fantastical decorations and nibbles- Order a collection box for your reception desk…
  • Organise a quiz for you and your colleagues – fee to join in that goes to CRIS?
The World is your Oyster!