Garrett’s Head South Challenge for CRIS



This Christmas, we have an exciting campaign with a very special purpose!

HERE is a fantastic opportunity

to give the gift of hope

 to children with brain tumours. 




One of our patrons,  Garrett  Curran, is walking to the South Pole with the Lewis Moody Foundation as part of the Headsouth Challenge to raise funds for paediatric cancer care and research.  



Headsouth is a challenge organised by The Lewis Moody Foundation.  It will see Polar Explorer Alan Chambers MBE lead former England Rugby Captain Lewis Moody MBE and a small team of 10 including Garrett across the Antarctic plateau to the South Pole, with an aim to raise funds for brain tumour projects. 


All funds raised by Garrett will exclusively support Cris Cancer paediatric brain tumour projects.  




  • Brain tumours are one of the biggest killers of children and adults under 40 in the UK 
  • 10 children and teenagers are diagnosed with a brain tumour every week in the UK 
  • Less than 2% of cancer research funding in the UK is spent on brain tumours 


On 31st December, the team will be flying to Punta Arenas, where a Russian transport plane will take them to the Research Centre on the west coast of Antarctica.   


From the 5th – 15th January 2020, Garrett and others will set off from the Union Glacier Basecamp and experience first-hand the challenges faced by early explorers and make the incredible journey to the southernmost point on Earth, across one of the most inhospitable regions on the planet, with severe wind chill and storms.  


The team will complete 10 hours of ice travel for at least 10 days straight, in some of the coldest temperatures on Earth, to reach the Geographic South Pole in one of the most extreme tests of physical and psychological endurance that they will ever experience. We will be active for 8-12 hours each and every day, hauling heavy loads, stopping only to eat every couple of hours.  


HOW can you help?

Any donation you make to Cris Cancer will be tripled as  Garrett h as pledged to match any donation (up to GBP 44,000) personally, and we are aiming to secure the same matched funding amount from our network of corporate supporters.  


So every £1 donation = £1+ £1 from Garrett +£1 from a Corporate = Triple the Impact! 

And if you are a UK taxpayer, every £1 you donate will raise £3.25 for vital research. 


Your generosity will be multiplied to save more lives and defeat cancer! 



Together, we can ensure that every child with cancer   has access to the best possible treatment. Together we can help children and their families smile a little wider.