Be One More


This World Cancer Day, we’re asking you to pledge your support and join us in our fight against cancer. From making a regular or one-off donation to arranging a fundraising event, there are lots of ways you can help. Will you raise your hand and be one more?


At CRIS, an incredible 95% of all the money we raise goes straight towards research. Whether thats one person making an online pledge or a group of people coming together to sponsor a fundraising challenge, if you donate to CRIS you can be sure that almost every penny will help our partners develop the vital research projects that are the key to eradicating this disease. 


These research projects include breakthrough immunotherapy treatments like the advance CAR-T cell therapy that recently cured one 11-year-old patient of leukaemia 


And if we can cure one patient, we can cure one more – and then one more.  


This is where you come in.  


With World Cancer Day coming up on Tuesday 4th February, were asking you to join us. Because if just one more person made just one more donation, our researchers would have even more resources, giving them more opportunities for breakthroughs. 


But why stop there? World Cancer Day is also a great opportunity to ask for sponsorship or organise a fundraising event. Its definitely not too late – theres still time to announce a last-minute sponsored get-together or challenge yourself to complete that task, using World Cancer Day as a moment to launch your sponsorship bid. 


Here are a few suggestions for fundraising events and sponsorship challenges you might want to try. How you arrange them, of course, is up to you 


  • Take on that 5 or 10k 


If developing your running ability was one of your New Years resolutions but you havent quite got round to doing anything about it, asking for sponsorship is a great way to help you pick and stick to a specific goal. Working on your own fitness whilst raising money for cancer research? Sounds like a win to us. 


  • Learn a new skill 


Always fancied learning a new language, taking up knitting or joining a choir? Nows your chance to develop that new skill – and ask your friends and family to sponsor you at the same time. That way, even if you discover singing isnt for you, youll still have helped us raise much-needed funds. 


  • Quit drinking, or even talking 


Giving something up is never easy, but youd be surprised how much of an incentive sponsorship can be. Maybe you didnt quite get through dry January, or maybe you fancy some quiet time – whether you want to ditch the booze for a month or surprise your friends and family by going silent for a day, sponsored challenges can be very effective. 


  • Arrange a cake sale 


For any would-be bakers out there, this is a fun one. Get together with some friends and arrange a fun cake-y challenge, then sell your tasty wares to each other and raise some more pennies for our vital research projects. Sweet. 


  • Organise a lunch or dinner party  


A get-together with friends over a CRIS-themed lunch or dinner can be a great opportunity to raise funds. So many people have felt the effects of cancer in their lives, and gatherings like this allow people to come together and discuss their experiences, as well as donating what they can. 


But however you choose to support us, with 95% of the money you raise going straight to our vital research projects you can be sure that every penny has the potential to make a huge difference to cancer patients across the UK and throughout the world. 

So, will you raise your hand and be one more?