Name of the Project Research Project for MLL Leukaemia Principal Investigator Dr Mireia Camós        Centres Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona                 Background MLL (Mixed Lineage Leukemia) is a very aggressive type of leukaemia in children. While improvements have been made in the past few years in identifying the different types of MLL leukaemia and in selecting

Name of the Project Development of a Clinical Practice Guide for Pain Management in Childhood Cancer. Principal Investigator Mayte Moreno  Centres INVESTEN, Health care research unit belonging to the Carlos III Institute. Participation of the Federation of Parents of Children with Cancer and leading national hospitals treating children with cancer: Niño Jesús Hospital, Sant Joan

Principal Investigators: Dr Alberto Ocaña and Dr Atanasio Pandiella. Centres: Albacete University Hospital Complex, CHUA and Cancer Research Centre (Centro de Investigación del Cáncer – CIC), Salamanca. Timeline: 2015-2017       Background Ovarian cancer is the very frequent type of tumour in women. In fact, it represents the 6th most frequent tumour, and its incidence

Name of the project: Understanding the mechanisms underlying treatment resistance and disease progression in myeloma Main Researchers: – Prof Gareth J Morgan – Dr Lorenzo Melchor The Institute of Cancer Research, 15 Cotswold Road, Sutton, Surrey, SM2 5NG United Kingdom – Dr Joaquín Martínez López, Unidad de Hematología, I+12 Hospital 12 de Octubre – Dr Jesús San Miguel 

Project name Translational Research and Clinical Research Unit in the field of Leukaemia, Multiple Myeloma and Lymphoma Principal Investigator: Dr Joaquín Martínez Centres: 12 de Octubre University Hospital in Madrid     Timeline: 2011 to 2018     Background Haematology or blood cell tumours are cancers which are, to a great extent, currently incurable. They are the 4th group of

Investigators heading the project: Dr Manuel Hidalgo. Centre where it is carried out: Clínico San Carlos University Hospital (Dr Javier Sastre) 12 de Octubre University Hospital (Dr Rocío García Carbonero) Ramón y Cajal University Hospital (Dr Carmen Guillen) Fuenlabrada University Hospital (Dr Laura Medina) Gregorio Marañón University Hospital (Dr Andrés Muñoz) La Princesa University Hospital

Name of the Project: Innovative Clinical Trial for children with Acute Leukaemia without treatment alternatives. Principal Researchers: Dr Antonio Pérez, Dr Joaquín Martínez Centres: La Paz Hospital, 12 de Octubre Hospital in Madrid Timeline: Phase 1:2014-2016  , Phase 2: 2016-2018            Background Children’s cancer has had no relevant treatment improvements in the past few years, in spite

Principal Researchers: Dr Alberto Ocaña, Dr Atanasio Pandiella Centres: CHUA (University Hospital Complex of Albacete) – Albacete and CIC (Cancer Research Centre) – Salamanca Timeline: 2012-2016 Donations received: € 200,000        Background Breast cancer is the most frequent type of cancer in women. It is estimated that one in 10 women may suffer from it sometime during their life. Although a

Name of the Project NK (Natural Killer) Cell Therapy in Children with Cancer Principal Researcher: Dr Antonio Pérez Martínez Centres: Niño Jesús Children’s Hospital, CNIO (Spanish National Cancer Research Centre), La Paz University Hospital in Madrid, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Memphis, EEUU.       Background Tumour cells appear when normal cells, after accumulating alterations every time they