MLL Leukaemia in Children

Research projects

Name of the Project Research Project for MLL Leukaemia

Principal Investigator Dr Mireia Camós       

Centres Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona              



MLL (Mixed Lineage Leukemia) is a very aggressive type of leukaemia in children. While improvements have been made in the past few years in identifying the different types of MLL leukaemia and in selecting treatments, many patients suffer a high-risk form of the disease and died.

Although these types of leukaemia may appear at any age, the forms that appear at younger ages, such as in breastfed infants, are very aggressive. In the past three years, Mireia Camós’s laboratory has worked to identify a pattern of alterations characteristic of cancer cells in these tumours, which may allow us to direct the search for new therapies in the future.


Project Description

The goal of this project is to seek new treatment alternatives for MLL leukaemia. We expect to analyse samples of MLL patients, obtained both from the hospital Sant Joan de Deu and as result of cooperating with other hospitals. Analyses will be performed of genetic mutations and other kinds of alterations affecting cell behaviour (called epigenetic, as they occur at a different level from genetic mutations, and can be reversible). All this will allow us to ascertain which alterations cause this greater aggressiveness, and to improve treatments.

Achievement in the past year:

During 2016 we have reached the target number of MLL samples, and have also received samples of other kinds of leukaemia. We are completing the selection of the most suitable samples for the study, and have undertaken preliminary analyses. Furthermore, we have recently received the necessary materials to perform the studies systematically (financed by CRIS) and therefore the final analyses of the samples will be performed shortly. Read more