Ways to partner with us

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1. One time or regular donations


2. Strategic Philanthrophy Through Funding Specific Projects

Choose from one of CCF many scientific research projects that are underway in the UK and in Spain across Adult Research/ Paediatric Research.

Follow the progress of the project with regular updates through the year, or fund the development of a research facility.

Alternately if your CSR is inclined towards education and training, fund one of our PhD researchers who is engaging in translational research or research that has direct clinical applications and follow his/ her progress


3. Cause Related Marketing

Enhance your CSR profile and reach more customers through our fundraising events; get visibility for your brand with our wide selection of professional and personal contacts.

Marketing packages can be tailored to your organisation and objectives, providing a package of media features such as advertisement in our souvenir event brochure, press articles with our media partners, table sponsorship for individuals or corporate entertaining, and high visibility branding on-site and displayed on plasma screens around the venue.

Ask for sponsorship details for our annual Charity Gala Ball- “A night of Heroes”- to be held on 30th September 2016 at the Connaught Rooms where 400 guests are expected to attend; packages ranging from £3,000 to £60,000.


4. Employee Fundraising

Employee fundraising is a great way to create common goals and shared pride, which is brilliant for staff morale and team spirit. It can also generate goodwill with your customers, suppliers and the local community.

We can work with you to develop a calendar of fundraising events and help communicate the partnership aims to your staff. We have a wealth of fun and innovative fundraising ideas that provide an easy and cost-effective way to raise money to help life saving research eg ONYABIKE on Barclays Trading Floor and Google, London.

We will arrange the event and organise activities for your employees on site or off site and ask them for funds around it; we only ask that you match their donations to CRIS UK, with no minimum fundraising amount.


5. Volunteering

The specialist skills that volunteers from the corporate sector bring are invaluable to our work. CRIS UK has many volunteers who organise, mobilise and make our fund raising and awareness building work a success through the year. There are social and sporting events like the Royal Parks Half Marathon and the Charity Gala that are the backbone of our fundraising efforts.

We can be a recognised charity to volunteer with for your organisation and help create opportunities for those who feel for the cause of Cancer Research but may not be able to take the time out to do it.

This work can vary from fundraising to blog writing to social media volunteering or to providing specific skills like graphic designing!

envelope orangeWe would love to hear from you. Together we can make a big difference. mredondo@criscancer.org