Tu generosidad puede salvar vidas incluyendo a CRIS Cáncer en tu testamento para que muchas vidas puedan salvarse gracias a la investigación. Haz tu testamento solidario y deja lo mejor de tí. Tu mejor herencia, salvar vidas.       Después de cuidar a los seres queridos, es algo maravilloso poder dejar tu legado

Children’s cancer is the main cause of childhood death in developed countries; survival rates are as high as 70%, but some types of cancer currently have no treatment, and many children suffer relapses after some years. Prevention and early diagnosis are practically impossible. This project will benefit from collaboration between clinicians, researchers, immunologists, haematologists and surgeons.

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Principal Researchers: Dr Alberto Ocaña, Dr Atanasio Pandiella Centres: CHUA (University Hospital Complex of Albacete) – Albacete and CIC (Cancer Research Centre) – Salamanca Timeline: 2012-2016 Donations received: € 200,000      Background Breast cancer is the most frequent type of cancer in women. It is estimated that one in 10 women may suffer from it sometime during their life. Although a large