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Children’s cancer is the main cause of childhood death in developed countries; survival rates are as high as 70%, but some types of cancer currently have no treatment, and many children suffer relapses after some years. Prevention and early diagnosis are practically impossible.

This project will benefit from collaboration between clinicians, researchers, immunologists, haematologists and surgeons. The team will address the diagnoses, treatments and follow-up of the patients, which will allow better results.

The focus of the team will be on both the genetics and the immunological aspects of childhood cancer.

The following diseases are the group’s main priorities:

※ Acute leukaemia, and the myelodysplastic and myeloproliferative blood disorder syndromes.

※ Primary immunodeficiency, when this leads to cancer; together with secondary immunodeficiency, the result of oncological treatments.

※ Solid tumours: sarcoma, neuroblastoma, germ tumours and brain tumours.

※ Transplanting bone marrow cells

※ Immunological complications in lung, kidney, gut and multi-organ transplants.

An Early Clinical Studies Unit will also be created to look at haematological oncology and immunological pathology in children. The unit will collaborate with other hospitals, research centres and pharmaceutical companies to develop clinical trials with new therapeutic molecules.

The Unit will have new facilities: new ten bed area dedicated exclusively to children with blood cancers; a clinic to provide treatments; an office to manage the clinical trials data; workspace for clinicians and researchers; lab material and instruments for cell therapy; and room to prepare dosages for medication.

Specialist staff will be needed, including a paediatrician with knowledge of blood cancers; an immunologist, a data manager, project manager, cell therapy technician, medical writer and researchers.