Our History

About us

“When Diego and I funded Cris we wanted to give a chance to survive to many cancer patients that do not respond to the standard treatments. To invest in cancer research and clinical trials could give them hope. This happened to me when I was diagnose with an incurable cancer with 4 months  to live and an experimental treatment brought me back to live. Cris tries everyday to raise awareness and funds to be able to give a second change to all cancer patients that are straggling to survive. People helping  Cris are extraordinary: Trustees, volunteers, workers, donors, contributors in so many ways. We are all joining our efforts to beat cancer and we are are making a huge difference as we are saving lives. I am so proud of being part of Cris and I do not foresee my live without it.”

Thank you my friend

Lola Manterola. Cris Founder

Our story

  • 2008, Lola Manterola, President of CRIS Cancer Foundation, is diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. She battles with her illness.
  • 2010, CRIS Contra el Cáncer is founded in Spain by Diego Megia and Lola Manterola to create a foundation to aid new research projects that lack funding but are crucial to the fight against cancer.
  • 2011, CRIS Cancer Foundation is founded in the UK, as a sister foundation
    of CRIS Contra el Cáncer. CRIS Cancer Foundation starts fundraising under the registered charity number 1140193.
  • 2014, Lola Manterola is in remission, but from a cancer with no cure. She waits patiently for someone to discover the cure for her type of cancer as many around the world wait and hope with her for their own cures.