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CRIS Science Day is a day dedicated to the encounter, collaboration, and celebration of science. It is a space to share projects, experiences, and identify opportunities and synergies.

We are inspired by new approaches and possibilities, becoming an open forum for scientists, researchers, and all those in the sector interested in exploring new perspectives.

We find ourselves at a decisive moment in cancer research. We are witnessing the convergence of deep molecular knowledge with the emergence of advanced technological tools, which is ushering in a new era of early detection and cancer prevention.

At the Symposium “Shaping the future of Cancer: Transforming Cancer Detection with Advanced Technologies“, we will explore, with some of the leading experts at the national and international levels, the current situation, the latest developments, and future perspectives.

It’s a space for collaborative dialogue and the exchange of knowledge and talent.The CRIS Science Day will begin at 10:00 a.m.

The symposium will be organized into sessions that will combine keynote lectures and brief presentations (flash talks) by young researchers.

The aim is to encourage information exchange, promote collaborations, and integrate new generations with leading researchers in their respective fields.

It will conclude with the CRIS Awards Ceremony

Date: Wednesday, April 17th, 2024

Location: Fundación Ramón Areces

Time: 10:00 am to 20:30 pm

Format: In-person

Agenda Symposium

Shaping the future of Cancer: Transforming Cancer Detection with Advanced Technologies.

A Symposium on the exploration of Next-Gen Strategies in Early-Detection and Prevention of Cancer 

9:30: Registration 

10:00: Welcome and introduction from the President of CRIS Cancer.

Session 1: Perspectives from computational sciences 
  • 10:15: Keynote Talk 1 (40’ + 10’ questions): AI Horizons: From societal transformations to innovationsin the fight against cancer – Prof. Miguel Luego Oroz, Spotlab, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
  • 11:05: Flash Talk 1 (10’ + 5’ questions): Transcriptomic technologies at single-cell resolution to identify metastasic drivers in prostate cancer – Dr. Isabel Mendizábal. CIC bioGUNECentro de Investigación Cooperativa en Biociencias. (CRIS Post-Doc Talent Programme Awardee)
  • 11:20: Flash Talk 2 (10’ + 5’ questions): Advancing Precision Oncology Through Computational Analysis of Medical Imaging – Dra. Raquel Pérez. Vall d’Hebrón Institute of Oncology. (CRIS Traslational Physician Talent Programme Awardee)


Session 2: Perspectives from Engineering and technology  
  • 12:00: Keynote Talk 2 (40’ + 10’ questions) A new Era of Precision Prevention Trial– Prof. Sarah Blagden – University of Oxford.
  • 12:50: Flash Talk 3 (10’ + 5’ questions) Dissecting monoclonal gammopathies of none vs clinical significance – Dra. Bruno Paiva – Clinica Universidad de Navarra. (CRIS Excellence Programme Awardee) 
  • 13:05: Flash Talk 4 (10’ + 5’ questions) Pancreatic cancer: why the cell of origin matters – Dra. Meritxell Rovira – Instituto de investigación Biomédica de Bellvitge. (CRIS Excellence Programme Awardee)


Session 3: Perspectives from precision medicine and genetics. 
  • 14:30: Keynote Talk 3 (40’ + 10’ questions): Liquid Biopsy: from Discovery to Clinical Application – Prof.  Catherine Alix Panabières, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Montpellier.
  • 15:20: Flash Talk 5 (10’ + 5’ questions) Next – generation genetic models for colorectal cancer prevention – Dra. Ceres Fernández – Instituto de Investigación de Santiago (CRIS Post-Doc Talent Awardee) 
  • 15:35: Flash Talk 6 (10’ + 5’ questions) ctDNA to drive precision medicine in colorectal cancer – Dra. Clara Montagut – Hospital del Mar Research Insitute Barcelona (CRIS Excellence Programme Awardee) 

  • 16:00 | Round table with keynote speakers (35’) Moderator: Prof. Kevin Harrington – Institute of Cancer Research / Royal Marsden Hospital
  • 16:35 | Summary and closing ramarks (10’) Moderator: Prof. Kevin Harrington – Institute of Cancer Research / Royal Marsden Hospital
  • 16:45 | One to One Sessions 
  • 18:00 | CLOSURE 
  • 19:00 | CRIS Research Programmes Awards Ceremony

After the symposium concludes, the CRIS awards ceremony will take place at 19:00h

If you prefer, you may reserve your place by calling 900.31.80.75 or by emailing