Vision and Mission

About us

Only research can cure cancer.

Research will allow us to win time against cancer, and save more lives, until the day we beat cancer.

Cancer does not wait; this is why CRIS invites everyone to take part in this fight. The more of us there are, the earlier we will win the battle against cancer.

We believe that science is the only weapon that can beat cancer. There are many great scientists who are committed to research, but who have insufficient funding to carry out their studies. They are dedicated and talented professionals who care for us daily, and who are convinced that this disease can be beaten through research and understanding. We believe this too.

CRIS Cancer Foundation focuses on types of cancer that have fewer resources or more difficulty in obtaining financing, or on specific niche areas within the study of the more common cancers. By funding research, we believe we can make remarkable improvements in our understanding of the biological mechanisms of cancer. We are hopeful that this will allow us to develop new medicines and treatment plans capable of overcoming this fatal disease, so that it can be managed and ultimately eliminated.

Winning the battle against cancer is what inspires and motivates us. We hope that every day, more people join us in our work, sharing the same ideals as CRIS CANCER FOUNDATION. We are all working towards one goal: to beat cancer. This absolute goal guides our decision-making, our investment, our financing and our actions. This includes providing the scientific community, our partners and civil society with the necessary tools to achieve what we set out to do and to be able to move forward, together, to achieve our aims.

Our goals for each year provide a profile of our priorities for the next decade: We will reach out to other medical research and patient support organisations, and to businesses, public entities, the Government and the partners and friends of CRIS, whose dedication is essential for our progress and our success.

Beating cancer is what inspires and motivates us.