Convocatorias Real-Life Trial in Oncology 2022

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Clinical research represents the tools to explore and, more importantly, to validate the utility of medical treatments and strategies. Clinical trials include very different designs and require very different levels of infrastructure depending on the question they address. For example, trials testing new drugs or new devices usually require a high level of infrastructure and, therefore, present a high cost per patient. Nevertheless, trials testing strategies and treatment combinations of already approved drugs require a low level of infrastructure and data collection. 

These late trials, could be called « real life trials » as they:

  1. test questions related to daily practices in oncology
  2. do not require specific infrastructure
  3. require a minimal amount of data collection
  4. impact millions of patients worldwide. 

Paradoxically, these trials do not usually find funding to be run despite having a very low cost. 

The Gustave Roussy Foundation and CRIS Cancer Foundation have a rationale to develop a new generation of practice-changing or practice-informing trials. For this reason, we are calling for applications to their Real-Life Trials in Oncology Programme to support the development of practice-changing clinical trials in France and Spain.

Candidates must:

  • be specialist clinicians currently working at France or Spain 
  • accreditate proven experience in clinical research 
  • Have the potential to develop transformative clinical trials. 

The aim of the Real-Life Trials in Oncology Programme is to provide competitive funding conditions to clinical researchers to develop their trials in France and Spain. 

The call for applications opens on 1st of February 2022 and closes on 30th of April 2022 at midnight (Central European Time – CET).

For more information, you can download the Terms and Conditions of the call and read the FAQs here:

To apply for the call:

  1. Download the RLTiO proposal clinical trial form 2022.
  2. Fill and sign the template.
  3. Send an e-mail to and, attaching:
  • RLTiO proposal clinical trial form 2022, template filled and signed by the two co-principal investigators
  • (Abbreviated) Curriculum Vitae of the two co-principal investigators. Maximum 5 pages. Using a standardized summarized format (for example https:/ following an abbreviated template of standard forms for public calls for applications (for example CVA). 

All the documents must be provided in English.