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CRIS Research Foundation to beat cancer.

Criteria to be met by projects to receive CRIS funding

The goal of the Foundation is to encourage quality research, within the following areas:

  1. Translational research, or research that has direct clinical applications, which purports to have research carried out in laboratories benefit the patient as quickly as possible.

  2. New therapies: these are usually new therapies which are not usually backed by the pharmaceutics industry.

  3. Patient care, especially nursing care.

Why back this type of research?

  • This research obtains the most direct results, and is undertaken directly in hospitals.

What actions do we aim to promote and finance?

  • Establishing new structural research units in Spain or UK, currently insufficiently funded.
  • Identifying and sponsoring promising researchers.
  • Channelling funds to research groups minimising indirect costs.
  • Managed projects. In these projects are single donor solicits and provides the necessary financing, through the Foundation.

How will we do this?

  • There are no open tenders.
  • The strategy employed by the Foundation and its Scientific Committee is to identify possible candidates or projects, or even commission specific projects.