CRIS finances the first Integrated Immuno-Oncology Unit at Hospital 12 de Octubre



CRIS has donated 2.5 million Euro to start-up this unique, multidisciplinary and innovative program dedicated to preclinical and clinical research in cancer immunotherapy in Spain, and continues financially supporting the HUNET- CRIS Unit at University Hospital 12 de Octubre, a pioneering unit in early-stage trials for blood cancers.


“The future of cancer research in Spain is in the hands of civil society, businesses and individuals, to be developed in public hospitals and to benefit all Spaniards”, CRIS sources have indicated.


Today was the presentation of the new CRIS Immuno-Oncology Unit, to be developed at Hospital 12 de Octubre, financed by CRIS Cancer. It will focus on one of the most promising strategies to beat cancer: immunotherapy. It is a pioneering unit, the first comprehensive project dedicated to preclinical and clinical research in cancer immunotherapy in Spain.


Lola Manterola, former multiple myeloma cancer patient and vice-chairwoman of CRIS Cancer, explains: “It is in our foundation’s DNA to support cutting-edge research projects, as the only path available to patients who do not respond to conventional treatment, for whom currently there is no cure; this represents 40% of all cases. Furthermore, we want to provide ongoing, long-term support, focusing on translational research, to ensure that patients can benefit from any breakthroughs as soon as possible”. She adds: “Proof of this is the HUNET- CRIS Unit at this Hospital, which opened in 2011 and which we still finance, and which is currently carrying out more than 100 clinical trials in blood cancers. Today we go one step further, by opening the new CRIS Immuno-Oncology Unit, a multidisciplinary program which is unique in Spain, to give hope to all cancer patients with new immunotherapy-focused treatments.


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