Chanel’s Story

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My name is Chanel, and I’m almost 12 years old. Three years ago, I had to have some tests done as I was experiencing epileptic seizures. The conclusion was that I had a cancer: a brain tumour, a “rela fusion positive supratentorial ependymoma”.

This diagnosis was made by Professor Jacques Grill, who has been so good at explaining things to me and answers my questions very well. Since the diagnosis, my case was transferred to Institut Gustave Roussy (IGR), and I have now been through my 3rd protocol and had 4 surgeries. The 1st protocol, which was proton therapy at the Curie Institute, involved 33 sessions. But the cancer returned 3 months later, so there was need for 33 more radio therapy sessions at IGR for the 2nd protocol. A year after this, cancer returned in November 2018 and so I had to go through one more year of chemo!

I really hope that doctors improve treatments, and I would like them to find a solution so that I don’t lose my hair while in chemo, and I don’t lose my appetite in the 6 months following being exposed to the rays.

(And I really want researchers in England to quickly find a cure to heal my ependymoma.)

Thanks a lot!


Chanel is a young girl who lives in Normandy and will turn 12 on the 24th of November. She has received treatment and been followed up at Gustave Roussy since 2016. She is very creative, loves animals, and like sharing family activities, especially with her cousin.