This morning, members of the Cris Cancer UK team were given the opportunity to get an insight into the work funded by Cris at the prestigious Institute of Cancer Research (ICR), UK.   This visit to one of the most influential research organisations in the world provided us with a fascinating overview of the

With every purchase, ananays donates a 5% to CRIS Cancer Foundation to fight against Cancer. Let’s fight together.   You buy, You care, You cure.   Ananays brings together fresh and exciting brands with an exotic and Mediterranean feel. These stylish sophisticated and cool brands from far flung destinations will give your getaway wardrobe an individual

 We are delighted to share that our annual ball, A Night for Revolution, was an outstanding success! Thanks to your immense generosity we have been able to exceed last year’s total and raise an incredible £556,200 net.   This amount will go directly towards the new immunotherapy team at the ICR, which CRIS Cancer

Our last annual ball (10TH NOVEMBER, 2018), A Night for Revolution, was an outstanding success!  Thanks to your immense generosity we have been able to exceed last year’s total and raise an incredible £556,200 net.  This amount will go directly towards the new immunotherapy team at the ICR, which CRIS has committed to funding in full. THIS WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN

  Lola Manterola. CRIS Founder “I don’t want cancer to be a death sentence. I want people who get diagnosed with cancer to know and feel reassured that no matter how bad the prognosis there is still help and a cure available. Because we all need our mothers, fathers, our children, our friends, husbands and

Activating a person’s immune response against cancer is one of the most exciting advances in cancer therapy   Immunotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that helps your immune system fight cancer. Normally our immune system fails to recognise cancer cells, as they can look like normal cells in our body and are adept at

SUMMARY Developing an immunotherapy treatment requires generating NK cells, which will work in the patient as an “army of rescuers”. Many variables have to be tested: donors, kinds of cells that are separated from the blood, substances to improve the activity of the cells, conditions in which the cells will be processed. Furthermore, each cancer

  There are many ways that we can be successful in our bid to make a difference to the cures available for cancer and save as many lives of loved ones as possible.   Mostly, we need your help! We need support from as many people, in as many ways, as possible. We need to

During the past few years, the CRIS Foundation has sponsored clinical trials designed by researchers. These researchers submit innovative proposals for clinical trials based on the results of their laboratory research. The CRIS Foundation assesses the different proposals and supports those that are deemed to have greater impact for cancer research, giving them support as