Six cancer patients show us how to live with the current ‘anti Coronavirus’ measures that are in place and tell us why it is important to continue scientific research.    Due to the fragility of their immune system  caused by chemotherapy or radiotherapy, cancer patients are used to the measures implemented and are confident: “Together we will overcome it.”  “In research, we give life to patients with Coronavirus, cancer and

Hi, My name is Chanel, and I’m almost 12 years old. Three years ago, I had to have some tests done as I was experiencing epileptic seizures. The conclusion was that I had a cancer: a brain tumour, a “rela fusion positive supratentorial ependymoma”. This diagnosis was made by Professor Jacques Grill, who has been

  You never imagine that a day will arrive where a doctor says, “Your son has a brain tumour, he’s got cancer”. Suddenly, the world stops turning; you can’t think clearly, you panic. Cancer – that word we all know, one that we automatically associate with death. “My son is only 8 years old, how

  Manterola and Megia set up the CRIS Cancer Foundation, after she overcame a deadly form of cancer through participating in a clinical trial. CRIS has 25,000 members and is dedicated to funding clinical trials with the aim of defeating cancer. Lola and her husband, Diego, met at college. After following different career paths, they

  “When Diego and I founded CRIS we wanted to give many cancer patients who did not respond to the standard treatments a chance to survive. To invest in cancer research and clinical trials could give them hope. This happened to me when I was diagnosed with an incurable cancer and given 4 months to

When, in a cold, impersonal room at a hospital, the doctor told us that Daniel, our son, our life, was very ill, the first thing his father and I thought was: Why him? Why me? Why us? One always feels that if one is good, bad things will never happen. Otherwise… How unfair! We were

#donaVidaMATEO Hi, my name is Mateo, and I’m two years old. Maybe you’ve heard of me, because, sometime ago, my story was heard all over the world. My story is difficult to tell, but, luckily, it has a happy ending. When I was two months old, I was diagnosed with a complicated form of leukaemia.

  When people tell me, “What you must’ve gone through!”, I always think that, at the time, we weren’t really aware of what was happening, and, even now, it is difficult to remember how bad it was, and how we suffered.   Isabel was diagnosed MLL acute myeloblastic leukaemia in March 2014. She was only

Hi, my name is Victor. When I was five years old I was diagnosed leukaemia. I had always been a very active and happy boy, full of life and enthusiasm. However, near the end of December 2013, I looked tired, I lacked colour, I seemed crestfallen. I was not the usual Victor. My parents took

Message in a bottle It would be lovely to find a bottle on a beach, and inside a love letter … This might seem like a far-fetched plot in a film, but it could be our story. Inside the bottle is a story of love, achievement and hope. The achievement of overcoming a disease that