Six cancer patients show us how to live with the current ‘anti Coronavirus’ measures that are in place and tell us why it is important to continue scientific research.    Due to the fragility of their immune system  caused by chemotherapy or radiotherapy, cancer patients are used to the measures implemented and are confident: “Together we will overcome it.”  “In research, we give life to patients with Coronavirus, cancer and

  Dear CRIS supporters!    To those who don’t know me, I am Lola Manterola, President of CRIS Cancer Foundation and I have cancer. I have been in isolation with my family for the last two weeks.   Yet, even isolated, we feel closer than ever with our friends, extended family, our community. We all care about each

  Intrepid adventurer Garrett recently returned from the furthest reaches of the South Pole, where he joined the Headsouth Challenge team on an incredible sponsored expedition. Together, they braved extreme weather conditions, severe altitude sickness and many more challenges to raise much-needed funds for cancer research.       Here’s Garrett’s story.    As the rest of the UK

Our wonderful CRIS volunteers help us fund the incredible life-saving research projects that are making such a difference in the fight against cancer. To make World Cancer Day, we wanted to share with you just some of their stories. Will you join them, and be one more?      That’s why 95% of the money

This World Cancer Day, find out more about how our research projects are revolutionising cancer therapies and saving lives.   Here at CRIS, we know that investing in research is the only way we can hope to beat cancer.    That’s why 95% of the money we raise goes straight into projects across the UK

      ONE.     It might sound small, but ONE is a beginning.     Add ONE MORE, and you’ve got a story. Add ONE MORE, and you’re on your way.     At CRIS, we believe two things: that every One is important, and that research is the ONLY way to beat cancer.    That’s

This World Cancer Day, we’re asking you to pledge your support and join us in our fight against cancer. From making a regular or one-off donation to arranging a fundraising event, there are lots of ways you can help. Will you raise your hand and be one more?   At CRIS, an incredible 95% of

Paul Workman, president and CEO of the Institute of Cancer Research in London: “The world for cancer patients will be very different over the next 20 years thanks to immunotherapy”.     CRIS Cancer Foundation operates in three countries: Spain, France and the United Kingdom. Each entity operates autonomously, but we all work together with a

After just one year in operation, the CRIS Unit for Research and Advanced Therapies in childhood cancer based at Madrid’s Hospital de la Paz has shown that immunotherapy treatments using CAR-T cells are effective in children with certain types of leukaemia who do not respond to conventional treatments. For this reason, the CRIS Cancer Foundation

  This Christmas, we have an exciting campaign with a very special purpose! HERE is a fantastic opportunity to give the gift of hope  to children with brain tumours.      HOW?  One of our patrons,  Garrett  Curran, is walking to the South Pole with the Lewis Moody Foundation as part of the Headsouth Challenge to raise funds