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CRIS Research Foundation to beat cancer.

Elie’s learnt how to swim.

The biggest fear of my life is ‘Water’. As a child and even as an adult I have still not been able to conquer this fear and as a result never learnt to swim. To be honest there never was a motivation to really tackle this fear head on, until now.

As most of you know I am a trustee at CRIS Cancer Foundation for the last four years and I am wholly committed to its cause. On the 4th February, which is celebrated around the world as World Cancer Day, we at CRIS have decided to mark this occasion by launching a campaign called “My SuperCris Challenge”. The campaign encourages women to set up personal challenges and through that to raise funds for CRIS.

Now learning to swim might not be a challenge to most of you but with my deep rooted phobia for water it is a giant hurdle to cross. I will be posting videos of my progress each month and at the end of my SWIMMING CHALLANGE, I will organize a swimming race. Wish me luck!.

A cancer diagnosis brings with it insurmountable challenges and in comparison my challenge might look exceedingly irrelevant and totally incomparable. But for me personally it is about stepping up and conquering my fear.

Help me succeed in this endeavor by not just providing me with emotional and moral support but also by donating  generously to CRIS to help fund research against this dreadful disease.