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CRIS Research Foundation to beat cancer.

What is CRIS


CRIS CANCER FOUNDATION is an independent non-profit organisation, fully dedicated to facilitating and developing research to beat cancer as a serious health issue.


We believe that science is the key to beating cancer. By funding research projects, carefully selected by our scientific committee, we are hopeful that in the future we will develop new medicines and treatment plans capable of overcoming and defeating cancer.

CRIS has been created for all those who believe in science and the future. For all those who feel that they are weak against cancer. Together we can be strong. Together we are many

CRIS Cancer Foundation was born with a single goal: to win the battle against cancer through research. This is a tremendous challenge, but one that justifies expending all our effort, talent and commitment and which, furthermore, daily fills us with hope and life.


With CRIS, investing in research is investing in life.

The project arose from the personal concerns of its patrons: Why do we only worry about cancer when we, or someone close to us, is diagnosed with cancer?

We believe we should not wait to be personally affected, because cancer does not distinguish between persons: it affects us all equally. Cancer concerns us all and, whilst this illness continues to be present in our society, affecting more people every day, one can never say that enough entities are involved in the fight against it.

We believe that science is the only weapon that can win the battle against cancer. There are currently very highly qualified researchers who lack the necessary funding to do their work. Many talented young scientists are convinced that the disease can be beaten. This is why we must all offer support and encouragement, but also request results: because our lives depend upon it.

Only by supporting the scientific community will we be able to achieve a qualitative improvement in our understanding of the illness’s biological mechanisms, which will allow us to develop drugs and treatments capable of improving our quality of life and, if we cannot eliminate cancer, at least turn it into a chronic, not a deathly illness.


What is CRIS?

CRIS is an acronym that represents Cancer Research Innovation Spain; however, especially, CRIS is a person’s name. This must always remind us that all persons suffering from cancer, and all of their relatives and friends, are together in the fight against this illness. Cancer has touched us all (according to the WHO, one in three men and one in four women will suffer cancer throughout their lives). Therefore, I am CRIS, you are CRIS, we are all CRIS.